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Original 27 years later! The Chinese Overseas Corps once again ushered in a historic moment, which triggered the whole fans' inflammations
作者:117 发布日期:2020-08-05
Original title: 27 years later! According to domestic media reports, on August 5, the second round of Japan United cup juvenile group match, birdie sandstone home against Yokohama FC, Chinese player Wang Jianan will usher in the first round. If Wang Jianan really has a chance to enter the starting lineup, he will become the first Chinese player to start for foreign team J1 in 27 years after Jia Xiuquan. Wang Jianan came to the bird habitat sandstone effect, is relying on his own trial training period wonderful outside fast three lottery home page, moved the team coach Jin Minghui.

However, the internal competition of bird habitat sandstone is very strong. The right back position played by Wang Jianan must face the competition of Japanese young general morishiya. Yoshiya mori, born in 1997, is the home page of the fast three lottery. He has a lot of outstanding shooting skills in the Japanese League. In the last round of the league, Mori not only scored league goals, but also was selected as the best team of the single round league. Therefore, Wang Jianan in the League after the team, constantly foreign countries in the League to get the chance to play. Yi in Wang Jianan and foreign countries on this screen, contrary, he is good in training and physical competition, has contributed several assists.

Looking at Wang Jianan who never gave up, coach Jin Minghui decided to give him a chance to start in the junior group match of Japan United cup. This appearance opportunity for Wang Jianan is especially important, because Jin Minghui has indicated that if he is outstanding in the competition, he will consider making him rotate with Mori in the league. Many Fuli and Jianye fans should not feel stiff about Wang Jianan's name, because he was once the team's star of expectation. Wang Jianan is from Henan Jianye and has been selected as a national team.

The flying wing's characteristic is that he is skillful at attacking and passing on the flank. He seized the opportunity of injury of the main right back Tang Miao during the period of Fuli, and took the starting position of the team. Wang Jianan's appearance in this position is no less than that of Tang Miao. His play has been recognized by coach stoikovic, so that Tang Miao has to play a substitute for Wang Jianan after his return. Wang Jianan, who is legal, will soon be in Fuli Xingshou, but has encountered injury problems.

At that time, Wang Jianan was injured in the confrontation with Konka in the 2016 Fuli match against Shanghong Kong and was attacked by ligament rupture. The injury affected Wang Jianan's career, of course, Wang Jianan came back with strong perseverance after that time, and his state was no longer gone and could not recover to the peak period. Therefore, Wang Jianan once played in a foreign country and could only play in this league before. It is expected that Wang Jianan can seize the hard won opportunity to make an appearance, and rely on the outstanding foreign presence to stabilize the main force of the team and usher in a new peak of his overseas career.

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