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Original avant-garde girls are wearing! These three shoes are essential in summer!
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Original title: avant garde girls are wearing it! These three shoes are essential in summer!

Marilyn Monroe once said that as long as a girl is given the right shoes, she can awe the world. Since girls have the ability to awe the world, it is very important to choose a pair of shoes. High heeled shoes are like roses. Although they are beautiful to wear, they will cause obligation and persecution to the feet. In addition to the high-heeled shoes watch, is the lottery ticket of Kuai San of many shoes opened by the state? Is the lottery open for all kinds of shoes and easy to control? Is the lottery opened by the state? No matter what style of modeling can be matched, lift Inst, you can see that many avant-garde girls are wearing it! The following 3 shoes are your must have this summer!



are expected to be the sandals launched by Chanel, they should be the most inflamed items this year, and the matching degree is specially high. In addition to the light jeans or shorts table, even the skirt can be matched. Want to like or casual beauty, can be short socks with sandals, calm and not lose avant-garde!

Although mules


Brown Croc sandals fussbett sandals

short heeled mules

mules are interlinked with sandals, but they have totally different temperament. Want to match more elegant and romantic modeling, and want to add a bit of summer elements, can be matched with a pair of short heeled mules. Leather style mules not only has a formal feel, but also does not lose the frankness, and with a little height of the heel can also let the legs look longer, the best match with trousers or knee length skirt!

by far

white Nina mules


since you want to awe the world, you should choose a pair of shoes that can go a long way and are most serene! For girls, sneakers are no longer just a piece of running style, but a necessity to match different styles. Whether it's a more formal work style or a casual dating style, whether it's pants, skirts or even one-piece skirts, as long as you like, you can also end up with a pair of sneakers.


Grey Made In US 990 v5 Sneakers

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